As part of our commitment and efforts to spread epilepsy awareness far and wide, we have launched a monthly campaign called “Seize the Streets.” The campaign aims to dispel myths and misconceptions surrounding epilepsy, promote understanding and empathy towards people with epilepsy, and provide information about available treatment options and support services.

The campaign will be carried out monthly and will employ various strategies to engage with and educate people on the streets in different cities. Awareness-raising activities, including the distribution of informational brochures about epilepsy in popular public areas and one-on-one discussions with people on the streets, will be done to answer questions, provide guidance, and address any concerns related to epilepsy.

Our first “Seize the Street” campaign saw a great turnout from volunteers and the local community. People of all ages, backgrounds, and professions were reached with epilepsy messaging. Our volunteers visited bars, local markets, community centers, and local businesses to spread awareness about epilepsy. Over the course of the day, we successfully reached out to hundreds of individuals and provided them with valuable information about epilepsy.

Knowledge is power; it’s time to bring epilepsy awareness to the streets and empower people with epilepsy knowledge.



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