In our ongoing efforts to support and empower women with epilepsy, we recently organized a second capacity-building workshop. Sexual abuse remains a pervasive issue among women with epilepsy. It is crucial to address the unique challenges faced by marginalized groups, such as women with epilepsy.

The workshop aimed to empower and educate women with epilepsy about sexual abuse. Through personal stories, expert insights, and actionable advice, we delved into the workshop’s objectives, impacting women with knowledge on sexual abuse. Some of the women shared their experiences with sexual abuse, highlighting the unique challenges they face when it comes to sexual abuse.
The workshop also provided the women with the necessary tools and resources to navigate these difficult experiences, ultimately fostering a sense of empowerment and resilience. The heartbreaking stories of the women with epilepsy ignited a passion within women without epilepsy who also attended the workshop to raise awareness and advocate for change. There is an urgent need to address the intersectionality of the experiences of women with epilepsy, as they face not only the challenges of living with epilepsy but also the additional vulnerability to sexual abuse. By shedding light on these stories, we can work towards creating a more inclusive and supportive environment that empowers women with epilepsy to speak out against abuse and seek justice. The workshop ended with the distribution of sanitary packs to the 30 women with epilepsy who attended the workshop.



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